About FIN

What is the Financial Industries Network, or FIN?

Our Mission
The Financial Industries Network (FIN) is a vehicle through which its participants may interact socially and professionally, network, gain valuable information and contacts, and share resources.  In addition, the Financial Industries Network serves as a professional forum at which participants may entertain their customers, clients, and contacts while exposing them to topics of financial interest.

Enjoy the benefit and flexibility of no membership fees
FIN does not charge membership fees for our educational, social, networking programs or any of our events. The only fee required is the event registration fee.  There is also no minimum number of FIN events to attend.

FIN was originally founded as the Bankers Exchange Bureau in the early 1900's as a non-profit organization. Its original purpose was to provide a consumer reporting exchange among banks located in western Pennsylvania.  With the growth of automated credit reporting through the Credit Bureaus in the late 1970's, the need for an independent exchange reporting service was eliminated.  The Bankers Exchange Bureau turned its resources toward a new mission.

Bankers Exchange evolved into an educational resource for consumer credit professionals in southwestern Pennsylvania. Participation was open to employees of all financial institutions that engage in consumer and commercial lending.  Banks, credit unions, savings and loans and finance companies make up the bulk of the membership along with law firms, credit agencies, accounting firms, insurance companies, real estate professionals and others who offer products and services to the financial business community.

With the changes in the financial industry and its servicers such as mergers, consolidations, acquisitions, geographical expansion and expansions into other business areas, Bankers Exchange became the Financial Industries Network (FIN).